XMLog Support

Although XMLog is freeware any support you can provide to help continue XMLog development and maintenance will be greatly appreciated. If you find XMLog useful and would like to make a contribution you can use PayPal to make an on-line donation using a credit card or your PayPal account.

You can contact me at:

Michael McAmis
433 Hanover Center Road
Etna, NH - 03750

Latest beta test version of XMLog

Download: xmlog669.zip - Version 6.69

Before using a beta version you should consider backing up your log files and options settings files if you do not have automatic backups enabled. These files are found in your XMLog install folder (usually c:\mlog).

For a more complete list of XMLog files see the Backups section of the XMLog help file.

If you have problems you can return to the previous version by downloading and reinstalling that version. Doing an install does not modify any of your log or options files.

Version History

Here's a list of changes to XMLog made since the current version at www.xmlog.com was posted. This info can also be displayed by using the "Help/Display changes.txt" menu item.

*** 6.69 ***

- Use the new URL address for LoTW downloads from the ARRL. Changed from "https://p1k..." to "https://lotw..".

- Replace the method we use to download LoTW data from the ARRL. The old method seemed to have problems on some systems (e.g. it would hang up before completing large downloads).

*** 6.68 ***

- Bug Fix: The LoTW validation was checking the "State" field for USA/VE state/province values for non-USA/VE entries.

- Bug Fix: If the data from a QRZ.COM callbook lookup had something that looked like a city+state XMLog would set the country to USA (e.g. PU8YPL has "Santarem, PA" as part of the address).

- Change the definition for Newcastle Country, Delaware to New Castle County.

- If the "Use Current Time" option for log defaults was enabled the "Time Off" value was being set to the current time. The "Time Off" value is now set to blank regardless of the setting of this option.

*** 6.67 ***

- Bug Fix: Critical QSO reports could abort and display "(340) Control array element '1' doesn't exist."

- When computing bearings/distances with the "Use Callbook For Locations" option enabled we can now use any gridsquare value if latitude/longitude values are not provided.

- Rig control for the Yaesu FT-1200 wasn't actually implemented (even though it was in the menu).

*** 6.66 ***

- Add two new BSPK Modes, SIM31 and SIM63

- The "Options/HF Rig Port Select" menu item now provides a CW Upper/Lower and a Data Upper/Lower option when using OmniRig for rig control.

- Bug Fix: If the XMLog CW keying option "Enable PTT" was set and the PacketCluster Alert option "Enable CW Alerts" was also set the cw alert would momentarily toggle PTT on/off at the start and end of an alert.

*** 6.65 ***

Version 6.65 has extensive internal changes that were required to handle updates to the ADIF specification that now includes "submodes" as well as modes. These changes should be transparent to XMLog users except for the new Mode Selector that can be displayed when when right-clicking on the Mode field.

- Brought mode names into accordance with the current ADIF spec.
- Added "submode" support for ADIF files in accordance with the current ADIF spec.
- Added a new mode selector for right-clicks on the Log Window Mode field.
- ADIF exports now set the DXCC field to 0 for entries with Prefix field values of ?.
- County name change: Hillsboro, NH -> Hillsborough, NH