XMLog Support

Although XMLog is freeware any support you can provide to help continue XMLog development and maintenance will be greatly appreciated. If you find XMLog useful and would like to make a contribution you can use PayPal to make an on-line donation using a credit card or your PayPal account.

You can contact me at:

Michael McAmis
433 Hanover Center Road
Etna, NH - 03750

Latest beta test version of XMLog

Download: xmlog681.zip - Version 6.81

Before using a beta version you should consider backing up your log files and options settings files if you do not have automatic backups enabled. These files are found in your XMLog install folder (usually c:\mlog).

For a more complete list of XMLog files see the Backups section of the XMLog help file.

If you have problems you can return to the previous version by downloading and reinstalling that version. Doing an install does not modify any of your log or options files.

Version History

Here's a list of changes to XMLog made since the current version at www.xmlog.com was posted. This info can also be displayed by using the "Help/Display changes.txt" menu item.

*** 6.81 ***

- Bug Fix: The county name updater had a typo and was not correctly coverting "Shannon, SD" to "Oglala Lakota, SD".

*** 6.80 ***

- Bug Fix: On Windows 10 the mouse wheel would only scroll through selected log entries when the mouse pointer was above the "Select" button.

- Changed county name "Shannon, SD" to "Oglala Lakota, SD".

- Upated the list of Alaskan Buroughs and Census Areas that are mapped to Judicial Districts for the CQ County Hunters Award. (The old names are retained and will still be mapped correctly).