The Bureau Card Shortcut

When you get a stack of cards from the QSL bureau here's how you might handle them without using this special shortcut:

This process can be streamlined by choosing Labels/Handle Bureau Card (or better yet, just type Ctrl+B). This shortcut sets the QSL Received and QSL Sent fields to the current date and also and also creates a QSL label. When using this shortcut you only need to type a single key (Ctrl+B) after each call search. This may not sound like a big difference but it really helps when you're doing a lot of cards.

Sometimes the callsign search won't find the QSO. Perhaps the call was mis-copied during a contest? Try a search using the QSO date from the card and look at entries that are close to the time shown on the card. If you find the entry in error, edit the callsign and type Ctrl+B - otherwise fill out a "Sorry, not in log" card.