Grid Award Tracking

VUCC (VHF/UHF Century Club) is an awards program sponsored by the ARRL. The goal is to confirm QSOs with stations in 100 grid squares on the 6 and 2 meter bands. For the UHF bands fewer grids are required. For more information on the VUCC award check - For more information on grid squares check

Grid Tracking Report Types

Choose Awards/Grids Worked+Confirmed to produce a report that shows which grids have been worked or confirmed. This report shows one confirmed callsign and up to three unconfirmed callsigns for each grid. This report lets you know which QSOs are candidates for award submission or for QSL requests.

The VUCC award is based on four character grid square values (i.e. FN33aa and FN33bb count as a single grid). By default the Awards/Grids Worked+Confirmed report tracks the worked/confirmed status based on these four character values, any fifth/sixth characters are ignored. However, this report gives you the option of tracking the worked/confirmed status based on two or six character values as well.

Grid Tracking Report Options - Selecting Entries and Destinations

The Awards/Grid reports display an options dialog box that allows you to select which log entries are included in the report - all log entries or only the entries that were selected by the last log search.

The options dialog also allows you to select the report destination - "Screen", "File", "Printer", or any combination.

If you don't choose "File" or "Printer" as a destination you can still save or print the contents of the report by choosing File/Print or File/Save As... from the report window. You can also save or print the report using the icons at the lower right of the report window.

Grid Tracking Report Options - "Reset Current Records to Those in Report"

By default any Awards/Grid report that creates a list of QSOs or callsigns resets the "currently selected" log entries to the log entries that appear in the report. This has the effect of substituting a new set of log entries for the entries you selected on your last log search. So, if you don't want your currently selected entries changed, un-set this option.

Double-clicking on Callsigns

Double-clicking on callsigns in a Grids report will move the Log window to the corresponding entry.