Editing Log Entries

While entering data in a field you can use these keys:

Left arrowMove left
Right arrowMove right
DeleteDelete current character
BackspaceDelete character to left
Ctrl+Left arrowMove to start of previous word
Ctrl+Right arrowMove to start of next word
HomeMove to start of line
EndMove to end of line

You can move from field to field by typing:

TabMove to next field
Shift+TabMove to previous field

Setting Fields Using a Double-click or Right-click

You can double-click or right-click on some log fields to set their values. You don't have to be in edit mode to use this feature - you will automatically be put in edit mode and you can then undo any changes by using the Cancel button. Here's a list of fields that allow their values to be set using a double-click or right-click. Entries marked * are only available via a right-click.

DateSet to current date
Time, Time OffSet to current time
QSL Sent, RcvdSet to current date
LoTW Sent, RcvdSet to current date
eQSL Sent, RcvdSet to current date
Awards TrackingSet to current date
FrequencyGet frequency from rig
ModeGet mode from rig
*Select mode from list
Prefix, CountrySelect country from list
IOTASelect IOTA from list
CountySelect county from list
*Get county from callbook
StateGet state from callbook
NameGet name from callbook
AddressGet address from callbook
GridGet grid from callbook (Buckmaster, QRZ.COM only)

Setting Fields Using Menu Items and Shortcuts

Here's a list of Edit menu items can be used to set fields:

Set Entry Date/Time to Now(Ctrl+D)
Select Country from List(Ctrl+S)
Select IOTA from List(Ctrl+I)
Select County from List(Ctrl+Y)
Set Fields from Callbook(Ctrl+F)

Setting Fields Using Defaults

Fields in new log entries can be initialized to fixed values, current dates/times, or set to values from your callbook CD. See Adding New Log Entries for details.