Internet Connections and the Keep Alive Option

Keep Alive/Send Command

Some Internet PacketCluster nodes will disconnect if there is no activity after a certain amount of time. XMLog supports a "Keep Alive/Send Command" option that keeps track of how long the connection has been idle and sends a command to the cluster to prevent these time-outs.

To enable the Keep Alive/Send Command feature:

For many nodes sending a blank command will be adequate to reset the idle timer. If this doesn't work you will need to supply a command like "dir/new", "sh/wwv/1", etc.

Keep Alive/Re-Connect

It seems that some networks will occasionally kill your connection without sending a "disconnect" indication. The connection seems to stall and if you type a command you will then get a disconnect message from the network. To handle this problem you can have XMLog go through a disconnect/re-connect sequence if the connection has been idle for a selected time.

To enable the Keep Alive/Re-Connect feature: