The QSOs Window

The QSOs Window is used to display a history of QSOs for a callsign as well as QSL status, heading, etc.

The info displayed in the QSOs Window is updated when:

The QSOs Window has four features which are enabled by default but can be controlled by Options menu items:

Show QSOs List

Enabling this option displays the QSOs list which is automatically updated when any of the previously noted actions occur.

Use the Options/Show Name and Options/Show QTH options to include the most recent Name and/or QTH at the top of the QSOs list.

Double-clicking on an entry in the QSOs list will move the Log Window to the corresponding log entry.

Show Call/Prefix Prompt

Enabling this option displays the Call: field that allows you to enter a call or prefix into to update the QSOs Window. Use Ctrl+W to erase the Call: field.

Show Call/Prefix Info

Enable this option to display the DXCC country, bearing/distance, zone, and "needed" status. The "needed" status has the same format as status lines displayed in the Packet Window. Remember that the "needed" status is based on information last updated by using the DX/Update Packet DXCC Status menu item.

Show Command Buttons

Enable this option to display Close, Note, and Help buttons.

Use the Note button to add a status line to the Packet Window. This status line uses the same format as status lines used for PacketCluster spots. When the command buttons aren't displayed you can use the File/Add Note to Packet Window menu item instead.