Rig and Rotor Memories

XMLog allows you to save the current VFO A and Mode settings of your rig in memories that are displayed as buttons at the bottom of the Packet window.

If you are using a computer-controlled rotor that is supported by XMLog you can also use these memories to store rotor headings.

Choose Edit/Memory Buttons from the Packet window to enable and disable the memory button display. Note that memory settings are not lost when the display is disabled.

Use these shortcuts to define memory settings or to set your rig/rotor from memory:

Memory -> Rig or Rotor Click on memory button
Rig -> Memory Ctrl+Click on memory button
Edit memory (set/edit Rig or Rotor values) Alt+Click on memory button

When you right-click on a memory button a popup menu is displayed that allows you to set, get, edit, or clear the memory settings for that button.