TNC Node Connections

Note: This section does not apply to Internet connections.

Some nodes display a name in their connection message that is different than the one given in the connect command. This means that XMLog can't tell when the connection has completed successfully. To handle these nodes the connect command in your node file should include two names; the node name used for the connection and the name that's displayed when the connection is successful. For example the line "connect xxx yyy" will send "connect xxx" and look for "connected to yyy".

Some nodes are accessed by providing their name without the leading "connect". To handle these cases precede the first name with a *.

Here are some example node file commands using all these features:

Command: connect dave
Sends: connect dave
Waits for: connected to dave

Command: connect ernie ron
Sends: connect ernie
Waits for: connected to ron

Command: connect *jim
Sends: jim
Waits for: connected to jim

Command: connect *kim mike
Sends: kim
Waits for: connected to mike

Sometimes you need more than one word for the destination. In these cases enclose the destination in quotes, for example:

Command: connect "node1 via node2" node3
Sends: connect node1 via node2
Waits for: connected to node3