Award Submission Tracking

To display the Awards Submission Tracking info keep selecting the "Display xxx Info" button at the lower left of the log window until the appropriate info is displayed. The Awards Submission Tracking info includes submission, acceptance, and rejection dates for the DXCC, WAS and WAZ awards. When these fields are set the Awards/Checklist reports will display statuses of SUB (submitted), ACC (accepted), and REJ (rejected). Note that setting a rejected date means the QSO will be ignored for award totals and for packet spotting.

If you want more detail about the submission status use the Awards/Submission Tracking reports (for example Awards/DXCC/DXCC Submission Tracking. These reports show calls for QSOs submitted or accepted on a country-by-country (or state or zone) basis. They also display up to three additional calls that are candidates for submission.