The World Map Window

Choosing View/Show World Map from the Log or Packet Window displays a world map.

The World Map will display paths using your station as the start point and the end point as:

This is the same strategy used by the View/Show QSOs (F4) window.

Paths can only be displayed if you have set your station location using the Options/Station Info menu item.

World Map Options

Use the Opts button on the World Map toolbar to display the options dialog. When the toolbar is not displayed you can set World Map options by double-clicking within the map area of the window.

Map Type: Mercator or Great Circle

The center for great circle maps is the latitude/longitude from your Options/Station Info settings. Great circle maps are best for visualizing paths and displaying the gray line boundaries.

Many people are more familiar with Mercator maps and may feel more comfortable with this format. This is the format used by most other programs to display gray line boundaries.

Display Gray Line

Enabling the Display Gray Line option will display the boundaries of the day/twilight/night areas.

The gray line Update Interval defines how often (in minutes) the gray line boundaries will be redrawn.

The World Map Toolbar

Enabling the Display Toolbar option will include a toolbar at the bottom of the World Map.

On the left of the toolbar is a checkbox that controls whether the toolbar slider is enabled. This slider lets you move the gray line display to any time during the day so you can see how propagation might be affected.

When you enter a callsign or prefix in the Call/Pfx box the path to that destination will be displayed. For example, to see how propagation to Mongolia might be affected by gray line effects enter JT in the Call/Pfx box, enable the scrollbar, and scroll through the day.

Note: The periodic gray line updates are disabled while the scrollbar is enabled, however if you forget to turn the scrollbar off it will disable itself after xxx minutes (where xxx is the gray line Update Interval).

Rotor Control

Enabling the Display "Set Rotor To…" pop-up menu option allows right-clicks on the map to set your rotor heading. This option requires that you have set up your rotor control options using the Options/Rotor Port Select menu item.


The World Map Window can be re-sized by right-clicking on any corner of the window and moving the mouse while keeping the right mouse button depressed. Note that when re-sizing it's the width that is used as to determine the new size of the new map.