Displaying Multiple Log Entries

Choosing one of the Display menu items will display log entries one per line on the screen, on the printer, or in a file. You can display either the currently selected entries or all log entries. Here are the display formats available:

Short 80 column format
Medium 132 column format
Long 132+ column format
Excel Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Selecting Entries and Destinations

When you create a report you will be prompted to select the entries to be included in the report - all log entries or only the entries selected by the last log search.

The prompt also allows you to select the report destination - "Screen", "File", "Printer", or any combination.

If you don't choose "File" or "Printer" as a destination you can still print or save a report displayed on the screen by choosing File/Print or File/Save As... from the report window (or choose one of the icons at the lower right of the report).

If a report is too wide for your printer try choosing File/Printer Setup and change the page layout to 'Landscape' mode. Medium reports will probably require landscape mode. Long reports will probably require landscape mode as well as a smaller font like Arial 8.

To set the report font choose Options/Log Fields, Fonts, Default File.... The Display/Excel report has its own startup dialog that allows you to select a font.

Double-clicking on Callsigns

Double-clicking on callsigns in a report will move the Log window to the corresponding entry.

Display/Display Excel

This report displays log entries in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. When you choose Display/Display Excel a dialog is shown that allows you customize the report. Each field name is shown with a checkbox that controls whether that field will be included in the report. You can also set the following attributes for each field:

Position Can be left justified, centered, or right justified
Auto-Fit Column width is automatically adjusted to fit data
Width Explicit column width - ignored if Auto-Fit is set

Select the Font button to set the font to be used for the report.

You can control which fields are exported to the Excel spreadsheet by selecting Only move data for selected fields or Move data for all fields, hide unselected fields. The "Move All" option can be useful if you are going to be saving the spreadsheet and you want all the data to be present even though it's not initially displayed. You can use Excel's Format/Column to hide or unhide columns - see Excel's help for more information.

You must have Microsoft Office installed before you can create Excel reports.

Display/Display All Entries for Call

Choosing Display/Display All Entries for Call will display a list of all log entries with calls matching the call in the currently displayed log entry. This menu item is available when browsing log entries or when adding or editing log entries. The format for the list is the same as the Display/Short report.

This display can also be created by right-clicking on the callsign field and picking Display All Entries For Call from the popup menu.

This feature was originally added to provide a method to display previous QSOs for the currently displayed callsign. Try the QSOs Window for a more complete, dynamic display of previous QSOs.