QSL and Mailing Labels

QSL Card and Mailing Labels

XMLog can create labels with QSO information for QSL cards or mailing labels for envelopes. Whenever you create a label it is added to a list that can be printed later.

Creating QSL Card Labels

Choose Labels/Add QSL Label to create a QSL label using information from the currently displayed log entry. You can also create labels for all entries that were selected by the last log search by choosing Labels/Add QSL Labels for all Selected Entries.

There are two types of QSL card labels, "standard" and "custom". For information about custom QSL labels see Custom QSL and Mailing Labels. A standard QSL label uses the following format:

Date: 15-OCT-98 Time: 1435
mHz 7.021 Sent: 579 QSL: Pse

The QSL status is set to Pse or Tnx depending on whether the QSL Rcvd field is set in the log entry.

There's a shortcut available that can make creating labels for incoming bureau cards easier, see The Bureau Card Shortcut.

Creating Mailing Labels

Choose Labels/Add Mailing Label to create a mailing label using information from the address fields from the currently displayed log entry.

There are two types of mailing labels, "standard" and "custom". For information about custom mailing labels see Custom QSL and Mailing Labels.

Label Options

Label options can be set by choosing Options/QSL Labels Layout and selecting the Label Options tab.

Printing a Labels List

Whenever you create a label it is added to a list of labels waiting to be printed. To print a list choose Labels/Print QSL Labels List or Labels/Print Mailing Labels List. When label lists are printed the labels will be sorted by Country, Callsign, Date, and Time.

Clearing a Labels List

Whenever you choose Labels/Print Labels List you will be asked if you want to clear the contents of the list. Wait until printing is finished before answering "Yes" (or answer "No" and then choose Labels/Erase Labels List later after everything has printed successfully).

Setting Up to Use Labels - Setting Page Information

Choose Options/QSL Labels Layout or Options/Mailing Labels Layout to display the "page information". These values define the arrangement of labels on your label sheet. There are two ways to set these values:

A note on margins: The Left Margin and Top Margin values are measured from the page edges but many printers won't let you print to the edge of the page. This means the printer setup may not let you set the margins to zero or that the printer may have built-in minimum margins. This usually isn't a problem since you normally don't need to print to the edges of the page. However if your printer has built-in minimum margins you may have to compensate for these margins by decreasing the Left Margin and Top Margin values.

Page Orientation

By default the page orientation is set to "Portrait" - this is way we normally use the printer to print letters. Most printers also support "Landscape" mode in which the printed material is rotated 90 degrees. If you select Landscape mode the sense of the Page Width and Page Height settings are reversed - a 8.5" wide x 11" high page becomes 11" wide x 8.5" high.

Sprocket Feed Labels

Although labels on continuous forms still have "pages" that occur at the folds these forms can be considered to be one long page since the labels are equally spaced across the page breaks. If you don't want to set your labels to the top of a "page" every time you print set Labels per column to 999.


When printing on envelopes most printers require you to choose File/Printer Setup and change from portrait to landscape mode. When in landscape mode many printers can only print to their maximum width (8 1/2") from the right edge of an envelope. This means that a custom layout won't be able to print a return address at the left edge of a wide envelope.