The DXCC Country List

The DXCC country list contains the names and "main" prefixes of all DXCC countries and can be displayed by choosing View/Show DXCC Country List.

The DXCC country list can also be used to set the country and prefix fields for a log entry. The list will be displayed when:

Selecting a Country from the List

You can click on any entry in the list to make a selection. To navigate through the list use the scroll bar, Page Up/Down, Home, End, or the up /down arrow keys.

When you make a country selection the distance and bearing will be displayed if you've set your location using Options/Station Info. To control whether distances are shown in miles or kilometers choose Options/Log Fields, Fonts, Default File... and select the desired format.

Finding an entry based on a Call or Prefix

Finding an entry based on the Country Name