Country and Zone Guessing

Country Guessing

When adding a new log entry XMLog checks the call field and tries to "guess" the prefix and country fields using information from the "prefixes" file. If the country can't be guessed (or if the Options/Verify Country Guesses option is enabled) XMLog will display a dialog with the following choices:

Improving Country Guesses

Sometimes XMLog can't correctly "guess" the country from the callsign. Here's a couple of ways you can improve the guesses.

Zone Guessing

After the country is guessed the correct zone may automatically be set. For countries that cover more than one zone two things can happen:

Note that for Canadian or U.S. QSOs zone prompts are always disabled but XMLog will check other fields to see if the zone can be determined. First the State/Province field is checked and if no State/Province was provided the QTH field checked. The QTH field is scanned looking for the last "word" to see if it's a state or province.

Here's some examples where XMLog can guess the state and zone based on the QTH:

QTH fields that can't be used to guess the state/zone:

Wrong guesses can occur using this scheme. For example: