Packet Window Popup Menu

If you right-click on a word in the Packet Window, Spots History Window, or Spots Map Window a popup menu will be displayed. This popup menu allows you select from a list of actions:

Action Shortcut
Read BBS Message*
Set Rig Frequency/Mode Double-Click on frequency
Position Rotor
Callbook Lookup for ... Double-Click on callsign
Show QSOs+Check Call for ... F4
Display All Entries for ...
Start Log Entry for ...
Set #him to ... Single-Click on callsign*

Some of these actions can be initiated without using the popup menu by using the shortcuts noted above.

Actions/Shortcuts marked with a * are not available from the Spots History or Spots Map windows.

If the Show QSOs+Check Call Window is already being displayed a single-click on the callsign will update this window.

Some of the menu items will not be shown if no log file is currently open or a rig/rotor is not defined.

Read BBS Message (Packet Window Only)

BBS messages include messages from bulletin boards or mail messages from a PacketCluster. For example:

1860  318  FORSALE  KA1LBW  30-Jan 2042Z Henry 2K Amp

When you click on a BBS message the appropriate "read" command will be created. You don't need to right-click directly on the message number, you can right-click anywhere on the line.