Packet Window Shortcuts

Packet Window Shortcuts

Here's a list of mouse and function key shortcuts available from the Packet window. A list of log and packet shortcuts can be displayed by choosing Help/Display Shortcut Guide.

Mouse Shortcuts

Click on call Set #him to call
Shift+Click on call Start new log entry
Double-Click on call Show Callbook/QSO info
Double-Click on frequency Set rig freq/mode
Control-Click on call or heading Set rotor

These actions are also available from a popup menu using a right-click; see Packet Window Popup Menu for details.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+L Callbook lookup
F1 Help
F2 Send a TNC command escape
Ctrl+F Prompt and search scrolled output
F3 Continue search
F4 Show DXCC info for call or prefix
F5 Start node connection
Shift+F1...F8 Send text messages 1 through 8
Ctrl+F1...F8 Send CW messages 1 through 8
F9 Increase CW speed
Shift+F9 Decrease CW speed
Ctrl+F9 Prompt for new CW speed
F11 Set/Clear CW Pileup Mode
Ctrl+F11 Set/Clear CW Keyboard Mode
F12 Stop any CW in progress